Capstone Project

2018-19[1] Harshit Baranwal: An Alternative credit scoring model to assess the credit worthiness of an individual using digital footprints

[2] Nimish Dubey: Marketing Strategy for New Product Launch [Organization: De’Dzines]

[3] Pulkit Bhardwaj: Anti-counterfeiting Devices [Organization: TransPacks]

[4] Sankalp Agarwal: An Alternative Credit Scoring system using Digital Footprints
2019-20[5] Adhavan R.: Innovation to Implementation [Organization: BrainAlive]

[6] Samiksha Dwivedi: Project Manager Trainee [Organization: Algo8]

[7] Thejas Sairam: Project Manager Trainee [Organization: S.P.A.C.E. Algo8]
2020-21[8] Amrit Raj [Organization: WarpDrive]

[9] Anshul Shah

[10] Apoorv Agarwal [Market Expansion Strategy of an Agro-product Company]

[11] Arun Goyal

[12] Arun Gupta [Organization: SignDesk]

[13] Harshit Agarwal [Organization: SignDesk]

[14] Sarim Haroon

[15] Shubham Nautiyal [Organization: Xoxoday]

[16] Shubham Taliwal [A Study on Commodity Derivatives Market]

[17] Vikas Singal [Organization: CoveredBySage]
2021-22 [18] Harsh Jain

[19] Narendra Damu

[20] Piyush Jain

[21] Rajat Mishra

Students (Other Affiliations)

Summer (2020)
Shweta Vishwakarma [MBA, IET Lucknow]

Please send an email to for any project requests.

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